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Bachelor of Arts




Geoffrey Blodgett


Oberlin College, World War I, WWI, Oberlin Review, Oberlin News, Oberlin Tribune, Henry Churchill King of Oberlin, Donald Love, Katherine Hyde, College in the World War, Allan Bailey, Mock conventions in Oberlin 1860-1932, History


Now trying to recover a short part of the past life of Oberlin, I have relied heavily upon The Oberlin Review for factual data and insight into the atmosphere of the times. By spot-checking the other town newspapers, The Oberlin Tribune and The Oberlin News with The Review, I concluded that the review is a reasonably reliable source.

To help construct the skeletal chronology of events I turned two other periodicals besides The Review. These included the Annual Reports of the President and Treasurer, The Oberlin College Alumni Magazine, and The Oberlin College Bulletin. These contained such valuable information as the nature of and the enrollment in college classes, geographical distribution of students, reports of the various departments, summaries of the events at Oberlin, and the college calendar. Secondary sources such as Donald Love's Henry Churchill King of Oberlin, the often inaccurate master's thesis of Katherine Hyde, The Colleges in the World War, and Allan Bailey's Mock Conventions in Oberlin 1860-1932 offered supporting material and a few insights.

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