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Stratification, Politics, Status


The interrelationship of social stratification factors (Social stratification is the relative position of ranks, and their distribution found within a society.) and political institutions is a frequent problem of interest to social scientists. In studies of the relationship between political behavior and social stratification, there are numerous analyses of location or rank. in the stratification system and their effects on political behavior. There also are studies on the relationship between social mobility, status crystallization, (Social mobility for the purposes of this study concerns the comparative social rank between a father and his son.) and political behavior. The interaction between mobility, crystallization, and politics has been alluded to throughout the literature, but there appear to be few systematic propositions or theories about this area. We can examine this problem in the works of learned men of many disciplines.

Status crystallization is an individual's consistency in rank for several status dimensions, specifically occupation, education, ethnicity, religion, and income.

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