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Master of Arts (MA)




Evangelical Alliance, Church history, Philip Schaff, Ruth Rouse, Stephen C. Neill


This study is an attempt to trace the history of the Evangelical Alliance. I was introduced to the Alliance by the biography of Philip Schaff. It appeared that this was an interesting and unexplored area of Church history. The Evangelical Alliance has been overlooked by most popular historians of the ecumenical movement. The only work that presents a comprehensive study is the all-embracing history of the ecumenical movement by Ruth Rouse and Stephen C. Neill. Even the renowned Church historian Kenneth S. Latourette relies upon Rouse and Neill' s work for the note he makes of the Alliance. I am convinced that this has been a loss to those participating in the ecumenical movement. The material on the Alliance is available and should be more widely used. Many of the "new" problems of unity discussions were also troublesome to the Alliance.

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