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Thesis - Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts




Robert Myers
Kiyoshi Ikeda


Developing, Counties, Communities, Development


The analysis of communities as optimum sub-societal aggregates, and their distribution and organization in terms of regional groupings is the focus of this paper and of the research undertaken. Developing nations have constantly to cope with nature and effective implementation of their development plans as they strive to add a measure of productivity and progress to their names while trying to overcome the chronic internal problems of overpopulation, underutilization of resources, unemployment, hunger and poor health and education. It is argued here that only by considering the most regular and common units of differentiated yet organized living, that communities represent, as the primary units of development, and the organization of communities into regions, on a geographical and ecological basis, as the central focii of social planning and development will developing countries most effectively deal with their internal processes and progress.

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