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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Arts (MA)




J. Milton Yinger


Chinese American, Student, New York, Bilingual, Study, Education


Approach of the study: The present report is divided into five chapters. Chapter II begins by considering the literature of bilingualism which has been written during this decade in sociological, linguistic, and psychological fields. It goes further to describe briefly bilingual education, which has very recently developed to be used as effective education for ethnic group children. The attempt of this study is to test the hypothetical assumption in socio-psychological aspect of ethnic children. In Chapter III, the focus is moved to the survey. Here I attempt to indicate how the relevance of research work may be influenced by methodology of research and bureaucratic authority, in which they are imbedded. In Chapter IV, the study turns to a comparison of Chinese-American students according to birthplace. The hypothesis is tested by using the data gathered for the thesis. A consideration of some of the inner states associated with self-esteem will also be mentioned. The last chapter will summarize the study and suggest a number of directions which future research might take.

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