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Thesis - Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts




Stephen Cutler
James Walsh


Mental health, Treatment, Referral, Facilities, Interview


This paper is organized into three main sections. The first is a review of the literature which serves as a theoretical background for this research. Social context is examined with its implications for defining problems in terms of mental or emotional concerns. Certain personal limitations on seeking help are discussed. The literature dealing with specific referral sources to mental health treatment are examined. The second section contains impressions gained from interviews with mental health professionals about the importance of the referral source on their evaluations of a client. They responded to questions about what people come to them, what information a person's referral source gives to them and the implications of this information. The third section of this paper deals with information gathered from a community mental health center. These data concern referral sources and how it may be a reflection of a client's social contacts and previous experience using mental health facilities.

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Anthropology Commons