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Thesis - Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts




Linda Grimm


Animal, Human, Remains, Osteological, Faunal, Eiden site, Sheffield (OH), Woodlands, Burials


The research project upon which this paper is based actually has been centered upon two separate though related foci: the first, laboratory analysis conducted by the author of the faunal remains collected during the summer 1977 season of evacuations at the Eiden site (33 ln 14), a late Woodlands occupation in Sheffield, Ohio; the second, work with fourteen of the burials located during that season at that site. These two areas of investigation have an underlying relationship, centering upon my interest in determining the implications of the results of both for attempting a reconstruction of the probable subsistence patterns of the Eiden people. The faithfulness of such a reconstruction has been affected in no slight degree by my inexperience in osteological work – whether on animal or human specimens; nevertheless, the process of deriving conclusions from this research has been both instructional and challenging.

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