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Bachelor of Arts




Robert Neil
Robert Soucy


Charles de Gaulle, Europe, Britain, French


This is the purpose of this thesis: to study the ways in which DeGaulle can be thought or as a European, rather than merely a French nationalist, and to examine his vision of Europe. The period selected for investigation extends from the European summit conference of February 1961, to the resolution of the agricultural crisis in May of 1966. Chapter I examines the ideological foundations behind this vision of Europe discussing DeGaulle's political attitude, and his views of the State, the failings of supranationalism, and Europe's relationship to the superpowers. Chapter II will show what happened when DeGaulle tried to enact his vision of Europe with the Fouchet Plan. Chapter III examines DeGaulle' s attempt to enact the Fouchet Plan a deux with West Germany, with the Franco-German Friendship Treaty of 1963. In Chapter IV we will see how DeGaulle's opposition to the British application to the EEC is consistent with his vision of Europe and why he considered it impossible for Britain to join Europe at that time. The final Chapter shows what happened when the Gaullist and supranationalist visions of Europe finally collided in the Agricultural Crisis of 1965, and what the implications of this collision were for Europe's future.

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