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Thesis - Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts




William Patrick Day
Leonard Podis
Thomas Linehan
Dewey Ganzel


Raymond Carver, Short stories, Communication


In this paper I plan to divide my consideration of the different levels of communication in Carver's work into several categories, realizing that these categories overlap and are in no way mutually exclusive. First, I will consider Carver's characters, what might be called communication within the story, or communication as theme. Second, I will specifically look at the narrator, who is both character (and therefore a part of the issues of communication within the story) and communication link between the text and the reader. Finally I will address how narrative point of view and other aspects of Carver's style, such as form and structure, affect communication from text to reader by controlling the reading process and the reader's ability to produce meaning -- to conclusively and convincingly interpret Carver's stories.