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Thesis - Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts



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Luis Fernandez


STRIDE, Cocaine seizures, Drug seizures, Illegal drug market


This paper analyzes the structure of the illicit cocaine market, and develops a theoretical model analyzing cocaine seizures made by the Drug Enforcement Agency inside the United States. I would like to thank Professor Jonathan Lipow for inspiring me to take on this particular research topic. Professors Barbara Craig, Hirshel Kasper, and Alberto Ortiz also provided needed guidance and assistance as I undertook this project. Special thanks also to Professor Luis Fernandez for chairing the honors seminar meetings, and Congressman John Hall and his staff for working with me to secure data. Most importantly, I would like to recognize my fellow honors students: Lucas Brown, Helen Hare, James Hepp, John Linder, Max Roessler, and Woan Foong Wong, for their input and assistance as I prepared this paper. Finally, I hope I will eventually be able to thank the Freedom of Information Office of the Drug Enforcement Administration for providing me with data essential to the focus of this project.

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