A Comparative Study of Microstructures and Rheology From Two Thrust Fault Settings

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Thesis - Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts




Using strain measurements, quartz c-axis data, and microstructural observations, I have examined the three-dimensional rheology of two thrust zones, the Moine thrust and the Linville Falls thrust. Both of these thrusts have developed significant mylonite zones and were formed in association with the closing of the Iapetus ocean. The extension of rheological investigations into the third dimension helps one gain a fuller understanding of how deformation within a relatively narrow zone can accommodate the displacement of large scale thrust sheets. The Moine thrust exhibits primarily flattening strains. However, some of the late stage incremental strains, measured from the recrystallized quartz-grain-dimensions, approximate plane strain deformation. The Linville Falls samples are from the low strained shoulder of the thrust zone. I observed a less cohesive rheological pattern in these low strained samples.

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