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Thesis - Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts




Stephen Crowley

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Benjamin Schiff


Palestine, Solidarity, US Foreign Policy, East Timor, Central America, Social movements, Transnational social movements, Social movement theory, Political opportunity framework, Israel, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Palestine-Israel Conflict


The arguments presented in this paper attempt to fill particular gaps in the scholarly knowledge of the transnational solidarity movement for Palestine. Chapter One is a descriptive history of transnational solidarity for the Palestinians since the beginning of the second intifada (fall 2000). The next chapter puts the US based component of the Palestine solidarity movement in a comparison with recent US solidarity movements for East Timor and Central America. Chapter Three connects the subjective transnational framing tactics of the movement to the objective, structural conditions of the international system. Chapter Four extends the analysis in Chapter Three by examining the role of new media such as viral videos and low-budget documentaries in the construction of the solidarity movement.