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Thesis - Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts




Carol Lasser


Mercy Otis Warren, Hannah Adams, Female historians, Early American republic


Among the first generation of published authors in the early American republic, Mercy Otis Warren and Hannah Adams have unfortunately been pushed to the margins of historical discourse. As individuals and female historians, their lives are fascinating and dynamic, and their role in the development of a space for the female voice in the era’s intellectual discourse is critical. Thus, Adams and Warren can be treated as case studies to comment on the process by which American women's writing entered the public sphere during this era, the gendered backlash that occurred in response to this trend, as well as women's own efforts to maintain their right to participate in a public, intellectual realm. By examining Adams and Warren's lives and experiences as female historians, this study seeks to recapture and celebrate their significance to the study of women in American history.

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