Degree Year


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Thesis - Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts


Hispanic Studies


Patrick O'Connor

Committee Member(s)

Claire Solomon
Steve Volk


Chile, Dictatorship, Pinochet, Arts, Culture, Public, Class, Prisons, Cultural patrimony, Latin America, Memory, Neoliberalism, Valparaiso, Theater, Horizontality


In Chile, wounds from the Pinochet dictatorship of 1973 to 1990 still fester under the surface of its post-transitional society. The regime of terror lives on in economic policies, architecture, the country's grave-pocked landscape, and in the everyday lives of Chileans. My research examines a former prison and torture center that has been converted into a cultural park: a space of culture, art, and community, sanctioned and administered by the state. It serves as a microcosm for Chile, which has chosen to erase its violent past while also perpetuating a system of class stratification and power structures that come directly from the dictatorship. Translation of title. Prison of culture: Aftermaths of the Chilean dictatorship in a community arts center.