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Thesis - Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts




Crystal Biruk


Abortion, Social, Political, Activists, Pro-choice, Gender, Life choices, Feminist, Anthropology, Health care, Medical, Fetus


The abortion debate in the United States is a contentious social issue. Within the past three years, legislators introduced abortion related restrictions in unprecedented quantities. Pro-choice activist organizations and individuals are responding to this influx of targeted legislation. My thesis is an ethnographic study of pro-choice activist habitus and the cultural capital shared among activists. I explore political activists' and clinic escorts'; shared rhetorical tactics and personal preferences regarding key pro-choice issues. First I discuss and analyze how gender inequality and gender identity is present in activists'; political abortion discourse and personal life choices. Second, I explore activist political and personal discussions of the body as it relates to abortion and health care. And third, I present and analyze how activist use of the word "fetus" is a significant pro-choice preference that tactically furthers their cause. My thesis expands upon existing ethnographic exploration of activist social movements and their tactics, habitus and preferences, as well as feminist anthropology.

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Anthropology Commons