Degree Year


Document Type

Thesis - Open Access

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Comparative Literature


Sebastiaan Faber
Azita Osanloo


Comparative literature, Hispanic studies, New journalism, Modular narrative, Eduardo del Campo, History of Spain, Translation studies


In the semi-biographical Capital Sur (2011), Spanish journalist Eduardo del Campo draws on experimental narrative techniques to portray his home city of Seville as he saw it in the 1990’s: a barometer of Spain’s social and economic crises. Here I compare modern translation theories to my own partial translation of this novel into English, which I place in the context of the U.S. translation publishing industry. I also show how the historical and cultural context of Seville influence the text’s themes—including del Campo’s critique of the hegemonic ways that countries such as the United States tend to exoticize Spain’s culture.