Degree Year


Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Latin American Studies


Kristina Mani

Committee Member(s)

Steven Volk
Claire Solomon


NGOs, Womens rights, Nicaragua


This research examines the funding practices of international non-governmental organizations supporting grassroots women's groups in Nicaragua. Specifically, it explores the disconnect between the theoretical ideals and organizational practices of foreign donor agencies and the "on the ground" perspectives of grassroots women's organizations regarding the best use of international development resources in promoting women's rights and empowerment in Nicaragua. This thesis investigates why this discrepancy exists and what can be done to reconcile the divide. The suggestions put forth in this work are rooted in the ideas of people in the field, specifically interviews with leaders from both international and local organizations about the relationship between the two kinds of organizations. The thesis is divided into five chapters covering a brief history of Nicaragua, Nicaraguan women's movements, the role of NGOs, key ideas from the interviews, and final conclusions.