Degree Year


Document Type

Thesis - Open Access

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Environmental Studies


Cheryl L. Cottine
Elizabeth C. Hamilton

Committee Member(s)

Evangeline Marcella Heiliger


Disability rights, Environmentalism, Environmental justice, Disability justice, Accessibility, Natural disasters, Intersectionality


Mainstream environmental activists often draw the correlation between environment and disability as being a matter of public health inequities, including air quality, pollution, and now the aftereffects of fracking. These are important, but they only scratch the surface of the link between these movements. I will discuss the movement of ecodisablism and how climate justice activists with disabilities, including the Crips for Climate Justice movement, have been influenced by climate and disability activism. This research is relevant as the massive baby boomer population ages and risks losing their connection to nature due to inaccessible green spaces. Moreover, discussing disability rights and environmentalism together may remind environmentalists of the importance of inclusion of all groups in their communities.