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Thesis - Open Access

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Bachelor of Arts




Jason D. Haugen


Codeswitching, Hiaki, Spanish, Linguistics, Myers-Scotton, Matrix Language Hypothesis


Through the lens of Hiaki-Spanish codeswitching, this paper provides evidence that the languages that engage in bilingual codeswitching are grammatically asymmetrical. With the exception of a few counterexamples addressed at the end, this research supports Myers-Scotton's theory that the surface word order and certain types of morphemes should always come from the grammatically dominant language (the Matrix Language) in mixed language constituents. If the other (Embedded Language) contributes morphemes that violate either of these principles, the remainder of its constituent must be finished in that language. Although the Hiaki language has been thoroughly studied, this study is one of the first on codeswitching in Hiaki. It is also one of the first studies of naturally occurring discourse in Hiaki, as most of the previous research on Hiaki has been based on elicitation.

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