Events from 2018


An Exploration of Native Alaskan Cultural Heritage through Technology, Ethnography, and Oral History, Val Masters

Events from 2017

Experimental Biomechanics on Trinucleid Fringe Pits (trilobita), Kirk Pearson

Events from 2016

Quantifying Land Use and Erosion in Southwest China, Megan Curiel and Zanna Doak

Analyzing Geomorphic Impact of Early Agriculture on the Tibetan Plateau, Dominic Fiallo

Geologic Mapping of Putative Paleolake Deposits in a Coprates Catena, Mars, Joe Martin

Viewing the Underground with Ground Penetrating Radar, Ashley Ratigan

Pliocine Diatom Abundance as Proxy for Temperature in Weddell Sea: ODP Site 697, Elena Robakiewicz

Effects of Grain Size, Mineralogy, and Acid-Extractable Grain Coatings on the Distribution of Fallout Radionuclides in River Sediment, Adrian Singleton

Events from 2014

Response of Herbivorous Fish Communities to a New Resource: Insight into Macroalgal Phase Shifts on Coral Reefs, Christopher Pickens

Events from 2013

An Archaeometric Study of Black Gloss Ceramics from Monte Pallano, Abruzzo, Akemi Berry

Using Short-Lived Radionuclides to Explore the Effects of Agricultural Drainage Tiles on Erosion Depth in the Vermilion Watershed, Ohio, Jennifer Bower

Groundwater Storage in Western China and Eastern Tibet Observed from Precipitation-Discharge Hysteresis, Alden Gilliom

Remote Sensing Gypsum in the Chihuahuan Desert, Arianna Goodman