Events from 2019

Crafting Pedagogical Intimacies: The Potential of Feminist Zines in Sex Education, Lotte Brewer

Events from 2018

Gendering Genitals: Medical Discourse and Healthcare Provider Education on Intersex Conditions, Tess Jewell

Strengthening Networks of Expertise: Midwives, Obstetricians, and Complementarity in Danish Obstetrics, Christina Ruggiero-Corliss

Events from 2017

At the Edges of Queer: Navigating Ambiguity, Community, and Erasure, Maddie Batzli

Between and Beyond the Binary: Gender Pronouns and Community Support, Al Nadeau-Rifkind

Fearless Foreign Women: Exploring Tamar And Ruth As Characters Within A Post-Exilic Debate on Intermarriage, Rachel Sacks

"This is a Closed Space for Queer Identifying Folx": Queer Spaces on Campus, Tory Sparks

Events from 2016

Managing Racist Pasts: The Black Justice League’s Demand for Inclusion and Its Challenge to the Promise of Diversity, Tomoyo Joshi

Events from 2015

The White Feminist Movement, Obstetrical Reform, and the Invisible Narratives of Working-class Women and Women of Color, Ronni Getz

Events from 2014

Without the Closet: A Critical Exploration of Queer Experiences of Visibility, Julia Harris

Events from 2013

Heard And Not Seen: The Child in Contemporary Euro-American Pop Music, Asher Butnik

Access and Activism: Reproductive Health at Oberlin College, 1960-1980, Brittany Craig

The Abyssal Womb: Queer Spectatorship and Abjection in Horror Cinema, Hannah Scharlin-Pettee