This study was designed to understand whether projects funded through development window of finance in Bangladesh like the Annual Development Programme(ADP) is different or similar to that of climate window of finance like Bangladesh Climate Change Trust Fund (BCCTF). The BCCTF is managed primarily by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change whereas the ADP is managed by the Ministry of Planning and Ministry of Finance. It was, therefore, studied also to understand whether the new window of financing climate projects is more efficient, effective and sustainable. On the contrary, if they are both similar in nature then a pertinent question is whether there isa need to have separate windows?The study concludes that projects financed through the ADP windoware relatively (a) more effective to stakeholders and (b) better aligned to meet DAC criteria. As such, BCCTF projects may benefit from following the project implementation and monitoring process ofADP projects. Finally, since many ofADP projects have also climate components, there is also a need to carefully segregate climate activities of the development projects in order to access global climate funds.


Asian Center for Development for Transparency International Bangladesh

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Environmental Studies

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