Alcohol Use, Alcohol-Related Outcome Expectancies, and Partner Aggression Among Males Court-Mandated to Batterer Intervention Programs: A Brief Report

Hope Brasfield
Meghan E. Morean, Oberlin College
Jeniimarie Febres
Ryan C. Shorey
Todd M. Moore
Heather Zuckosky Zapor
JoAnna Elmquist
Caitlin Wolford-Clevenger
Lindsay Labrecque
Maribel Plasencia


Additional work is needed to determine how and/or why the relationship between alcohol use and increased risk of partner aggression (PA) exists. Researchers have begun to examine whether alcohol-related outcome expectancies (i.e., beliefs about the cognitive and behavioral effects of alcohol) are associated with PA irrespective of alcohol use. We examined the relationship between alcohol use, alcohol expectancies, and PA among 360 males arrested for a domestic violence offense and court-mandated to treatment. Results indicate that certain alcohol expectancies do play a role in the relationship between alcohol use and some forms of PA.