Submissions from 2017

The Politics of Perception, Ann Cooper Albright

Submissions from 2016

Feeling In and Out, Ann Cooper Albright

Resurrecting the Future: Body, Image and Technology in the Work of Loie Fuller, Ann Cooper Albright


Taking the Next Step: Dance Advocacy in Greece, Ann Cooper Albright

Anne of Green Gables, Holly Handman-Lopez

Blumen für Otello, Holly Handman-Lopez

eleven years in, Holly Handman-Lopez

Macbeth, Holly Handman-Lopez

Mr. Burns – A Post-Electric Play, Holly Handman-Lopez

Psycho Beach Party, Holly Handman-Lopez

Sometimes a Single Leaf, Holly Handman-Lopez

The Only Way, Holly Handman-Lopez


Spring Awakening, Holly Handman-Lopez and Chris Flaharty

but a drop, Alysia Ramos

Concluding Performance, Alysia Ramos

Interplay, Alysia Ramos

Terra Incognita, Alysia Ramos

Time Certainties Peace, Alysia Ramos

Time Certainties Peace, Alysia Ramos and Mustapha Braimah


Understanding Functional Turnout, Deborah Vogel

Submissions from 2015

Split Intimacies: Corporeality in Contemporary Theater and Dance, Ann Cooper Albright

The Politics of Prefix, Ann Cooper Albright and Gabriele Brandstetter


The Mists, Alysia Ramos and Liz Ivkovich

Submissions from 2014

As You Like It, Holly Handman-Lopez and Paul Moser

Pericles, Holly Handman-Lopez and Paul Moser

Rich Pieces, Holly Handman-Lopez, Kim Nofsinger, and Megan Beseth

eleven years in, Holly Handman-Lopez and Bobby Wesner


Essential Assessments for Dancers, Deborah Vogel


Get Friendly with your Fascia, Deborah Vogel

Submissions from 2013


Engaging Bodies: The Politics and Poetics of Corporeality, Ann Cooper Albright

Falling, Ann Cooper Albright

Feeling In and Out: Contact Improvisation and the Politics of Empathy, Ann Cooper Albright

On the Ground in Greece, Ann Cooper Albright

Choreographing Partnering: Tools for a Creative Process, Holly Handman-Lopez

Strut, Clink, Splat, Holly Handman-Lopez

Transforming Words, Holly Handman-Lopez, Esther Dischereit, Todd Hammes, and Chana Dischereit

It's About Time, Nusha Martynuk

The Dark Nine, Nusha Martynuk

Water Ways, Nusha Martynuk

Turnout 101, Deborah Vogel