Events from 2020

The Story of Mongolian Cheesemakers and Globalization, Pearse Anderson

Events from 2019

Deconstructing the Politics, Erotics, and Poetics of Contemporary Feminist Text in the Post Me Too Era, Gabi Shiner

Events from 2018

A Friendly Discourse: How Should A Person Be? At the Intersection of Female Friendship and Epistolarity, Leah Cohen

The Terror Experts: Producing and Policing Terrorist Subjects at a University Research Center, Liam McLean

Underneath the Mythical Iceberg: Musings on My Novel-in-Progress, Brandi Lee Metzger

Events from 2017

The Vagrant: Where the Soviet Love of Bollywood Began, Sarah Chatta

Imagine Trees Like These — A Virtual Reality Narrative Concerning Forests, Futurity, and Ephemerality, Andres Cuervo

Shock Therapy: Horror Aesthetics in German Modernism, Sean Lambert

The Sonification of Money: Applying Creative Innovation in the Music Industry, Grover Neville

Poetry by Langston: Lessons Taught and Learned Through Writers-in-the-Schools (WITS), Nick Rowan Bassman

Violence in the Feed: Accelerated Productions and Circulations of Police Brutality Videos, Natalie Ventura Villasana

Events from 2016

Black Male: Representation Within the Art Museum, Orly Vermes

Events from 2015

Multilateralism and its Discontents: India in the Post-independence Era and the United Nations, Saksham Khosla

Untenable Boundaries: J.M. Coetzee’s Summertime and the Autobiography of All Writing, Sarah Westbrook

Events from 2014

The Unsolved Problem: Anger and Female Authorship, Ryann Eastman

"The Long Watch": Original Poems / An Exploration of Poetic Voice, David Leach

Events from 2012

Symbolism and Language Within The Handmaid’s Tale and its Relevance to Literary Scholarship, Brittany Brahn

Automatic Generation of Shakespearean Sonnets, Claire Nelson