Submissions from 2023


Review: "Instinct and obligation": Is Mother Dead, Emily Barton


Frights, Allegra Hyde

Submissions from 2022

Review: "Playing by other rules": All the Lovers in the Night; Heaven, Emily Barton

Spaceship, Emily Barton

"Who Plays…", Chanda Feldman

Aphorisms for the Anthropocene, Allegra Hyde


A Year in Reading, Allegra Hyde

Thresholds Podcast, March 30, 2022, Allegra Hyde

What Makes a Great Opening Line?: Allegra Hyde Considers Love at First Sentence, Allegra Hyde

Submissions from 2021

Glance, Chanda Feldman

Our Days Were Ordinary, Chanda Feldman

Submissions from 2020

Review: "A Deadly Storm, a Witch Hunt and a Village Without Men": The Mercies, Emily Barton

First Winter, Chanda Feldman

They Ran and Flew from You, Chanda Feldman

[It was the middle of February], Chandra Feldman

[That was the end of summer], Chandra Feldman

Afterglow, Allegra Hyde


"What to do when you're raped": Indigenous women critiquing and coping through a rhetoric of survivance, Valerie N. Wieskamp and Cortney Smith

Submissions from 2019

Better, Emily Barton

Review: "G. Willow Wilson Reimagines the Last Days of Moorish Spain": The Bird King, Emily Barton

Man in Tidal Blue, Chanda Feldman

Money Tree, Chanda Feldman

To the Old Square, Chanda Feldman

University Market, Chanda Feldman

Submissions from 2018

Inquisition, Kazim Ali

Silver Road: Essays, Maps, and Calligraphies, Kazim Ali

Approaching the Fields: Poems, Chanda Feldman

River Jubilee, Chanda Feldman

The Inexhaustible Weirdness of Psychoanalysis, DeSales Harrison

The Waters and the Wild, DeSales Harrison

Acceptance Speech, Lynn Powell

Submissions from 2017

Checkpoint, Kazim Ali


Mad Heart Be Brave: Essays on the Poetry of Agha Shahid Ali, Kazim Ali

Ill Will: A Novel, Dan Chaon

The Hell Poem, Shane McCrae

Season of the Second Thought, Lynn Powell

Submissions from 2016

Abahn Sabana David, Kazim Ali

Love’s Fool: On the Poetry of Hoshang Merchant, Kazim Ali

Missal; May; Zephyr, Kazim Ali

Morning Raga, Kazim Ali

Phenomenal Survivals of Death in the Mountains, Kazim Ali

Review: "The World We Together": The Falling Down Dance, Kazim Ali

Sapphic I am: A Rapture, Kazim Ali


The Astronomer’s Son, Kazim Ali


The Malady of Life, Kazim Ali

Uncle Sharif's Life in Music, Kazim Ali


Jim Limber the Adopted Mulatto Son of Jefferson Davis Was Another Child First, Shane McCrae

Submissions from 2015

Resident Alien: On Border-crossing and the Undocumented Divine, Kazim Ali


The Killer Will Remain Free: On Pat Parker and the Poetics of Madness, Kazim Ali

What's American About American Poetry, Kazim Ali

Forgiveness Forgiveness, Shane McCrae


That the Powerful Inspire Empathy in the Powerless, Shane McCrae


That You Use Your Body to Escape Your Skin, Shane McCrae


The Black Child Raised in a White Home Must Look Outside the Home, Shane McCrae


The Mountain Will Be as a Cottonwood Seed Taken by the Wind in the Winds of the Last Days, Shane McCrae


Faces at the Window, Sara Schaff


The Condominium, Sara Schaff

Submissions from 2014

Acts of Faith, Kazim Ali

Advice Column, Kazim Ali


Bird Hospital, Kazim Ali

Chopping the Birch, Kazim Ali

Dear Joshua, Kazim Ali

How to Spend All One’s Blue; Son of History, Kazim Ali

Letter to Zephyr the West Wind from the Boy Hyacinth, Kazim Ali

Messy Drunk; Sent Mail, Kazim Ali

Mosaic (His Prayer), Kazim Ali


On the Poetry of Lal Ded, Kazim Ali

September 14, Kazim Ali

September; Hello My Name Is _______, Kazim Ali


Sky Ward; Square; Centralia, Kazim Ali

The Dress-Maker of Galilee, Kazim Ali


The Dress-Maker of Galilee; The Labors of Psyche, Kazim Ali

Tower of Babel; Plunder; The Astronomber; Atlas, Kazim Ali

Urdu; Phenomenal Survivals of Death in the Mountains, Kazim Ali

Wind Instrument, Kazim Ali

Yoga and the Cessation of the Self, Kazim Ali


August 6, Sylvia Watanabe


Song, Sylvia Watanabe


The Lady in the Song, Sylvia Watanabe

Submissions from 2013

Flower Gate; Tower of Babel, Kazim Ali

Letter to Matthew, Kazim Ali

Mosque in Galillee; Dome of the Rock, Kazim Ali

Sky Ward, Kazim Ali

Trick, Kazim Ali

Calling for You, Kazim Ali and Mohammad Jafar Mahallati

The Oasis of Now: Selected Poems of Sohrab Sepehri, Kazim Ali and Mohammad Jafar Mahallati

L’Amour, Kazim Ali and Libby Murphy

That’s Him, That’s the Guy, Dan Chaon

Submissions from 2011

Review: "Altarwise, Aslant": The Mending Worm, Pamela Alexander

Review: "A Pair of Taxis and a Parrot": We Don't Know We Don't Know and The Lightening That Strikes the Neighbor's House, Pamela Alexander

Monochromatic: Three-act Tragedy, Kazim Ali


Water’s Footfall, Kazim Ali and Mohammad Jafar Mahallati


[white Paper #37], Martha Collins

Review: I Used to Live Here Once, Sylvia Watanabe

Submissions from 2010

Random Search, 2010, Kazim Ali


To Psychic Underworld, Dan Chaon

Submissions from 2009


blue my promise a swan: to alice coltrane, Kazim Ali


Bright Felon: Autobiography and Cities, Kazim Ali

Persephone as a Boy, 2009, Kazim Ali

Poetry and Space, Faith and Silence, Body and Lyric in the Work of Jane Cooper, Ersatz Everything: The Value of Meaning, The Architecture of Loneliness, Write Something on My Wall: Body and Identity, Kazim Ali