Events from 2019

Tourism and the Selling of Settler Colonialism in New Mexico, RubyJane Anderson

Death was Creeping Through the Air: Post-War American Politics and the 1918 Influenza Epidemic, Emma Baker

The Recording Studio as an Instrument, Maddy Baltor

Historical Influences on Implicit Racism: White Immigrant Identity in New York City Council Campaigns, Becca Chant

Catastrophe Cypher: Hip Hop as Resistance after Hurricane Maria, Mobey Irizarry-Lambright

Reconceptualizing Accountability and Harm: Transformative Justice at Oberlin, Hanne Williams-Baron and Joseph Flegel-Mishlove

Events from 2017

“Head Start Works,” But Why?: Understanding the Persistence of an American Welfare Program, Leah Awkward-Rich

Collaborative Resource Sharing Between the Prospect Elementary School Library and the Oberlin Public Library, Natalie Hartog

Nurturing a Community of Trust and Resilience: Coalition Building and Faith-Based Organizing at El Centro, Rachel Leader

Events from 2016

Women in Resistance: Impacts on Land, Life, and Community, Zia Kandler

Events from 2015

Community-based Art and Community Formation: A Case Study in West Oakland, Pablo Cerdera

Events from 2014

The Hood Takeover: New York City’s Housing and Gentrification Organizing in the Face of Non-Profit Surveillance, Katrina Cortes

Self-Made Spines: Healing, Politicization, and Education through Zines, Joelle Eliza Lingat

Aloha, Marriage Equality: Unsettling Gay Constructions of Paradise, Cuyler Otsuka

Events from 2012

Corporate Presence in Trinidad and Tobago: The Stories of Protest Media, Melissa Elie