Theses/Dissertations from 2023


Multi-abled Community in a Precarious World: Living, Funding, and Caring in Camphill Village, Miriam Entin-Bell

Theses/Dissertations from 2022


The Personal Must Always Be Political: A History of Survivors' Narratives in Anti-Sexual Violence Zines, Jeannine Colby Fortin


(In)valid Vaginas: Overcoming the Shame of Vaginismus and Rejecting the Idea of Sexual Failure, Emily Anne Fiorentino

Theses/Dissertations from 2021


Where Do You Go When You Go Home? Narrative Studies of Gender Euphoria, Silas Crewe-Kluge

Events from 2020

“Am I Latinx Enough?” Latinx Ethnic Identity, Belonging, and Expression of Latinidad at Oberlin College, Eder Aguilar


Naming Power?: Urban Development and Contestation in the Callowhill Neighborhood of Philadelphia, Rachel E. Marcus


Dreaming of Abolitionist Futures, Reconceptualizing Child Welfare: Keeping Kids Safe in the Age of Abolition, Emma Peyton Williams

Events from 2019

Tourism and the Selling of Settler Colonialism in New Mexico, RubyJane Anderson

Death was Creeping Through the Air: Post-War American Politics and the 1918 Influenza Epidemic, Emma Baker

The Recording Studio as an Instrument, Maddy Baltor

Historical Influences on Implicit Racism: White Immigrant Identity in New York City Council Campaigns, Becca Chant

Catastrophe Cypher: Hip Hop as Resistance after Hurricane Maria, Mobey Irizarry-Lambright


Just Punishment?: The Epistemic and Affective Investments in Carceral Feminism, Tess Joseph

Reconceptualizing Accountability and Harm: Transformative Justice at Oberlin, Hanne Williams-Baron and Joseph Flegel-Mishlove


Carceral Camouflage: Inscribing and Obscuring Neoliberal Penality through New York City's Borough-Based Jail Plan, Katie Wilson

Events from 2017

“Head Start Works,” But Why?: Understanding the Persistence of an American Welfare Program, Leah Awkward-Rich

Collaborative Resource Sharing Between the Prospect Elementary School Library and the Oberlin Public Library, Natalie Hartog

Nurturing a Community of Trust and Resilience: Coalition Building and Faith-Based Organizing at El Centro, Rachel Leader

"This is DC, RIAlized:" Brookland Manor as a Site of Rebranding from Above and Resistance from Below, Clara Lincoln


Remaking "Public" Space: Neoliberal Spatial Management and the Criminalization of Homelessness in San Francisco's Union Square, Sophie Newman

Events from 2016

Women in Resistance: Impacts on Land, Life, and Community, Zia Kandler

Theses/Dissertations from 2015


Taking Up Space: Community Formation Among Non-Urban LGBTQ Youth, Madison Bishop

Community-based Art and Community Formation: A Case Study in West Oakland, Pablo Cerdera


Healing and Belonging: Community Based Art and Community Formation in West Oakland, Pablo Miguel Cerdera

Events from 2014

The Hood Takeover: New York City’s Housing and Gentrification Organizing in the Face of Non-Profit Surveillance, Katrina Cortes

Self-Made Spines: Healing, Politicization, and Education through Zines, Joelle Eliza Lingat

Aloha, Marriage Equality: Unsettling Gay Constructions of Paradise, Cuyler Otsuka


Aloha, Marriage Equality: Unsettling Gay Constructions of Paradise, Cuyler Otsuka

Theses/Dissertations from 2012


Yellow, in Peril: How Public Health Discourse on Tuberculosis (TB) Reveals, Refines, and Reinforces the Racial Stigmatization of Asian Americans, Laura Dellplain

Corporate Presence in Trinidad and Tobago: The Stories of Protest Media, Melissa Elie