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Commencement Speaker

*Robert A. Millikan

Honorary Degree Recipients

Frank Aydelotte, Litt.D.
William Bricker Chamberlin, 1896, A.M.
Robert Nathaniel Dett, 1908, Mus.D.
Wynn Cowan Fanfield, 1907, D.D.
Hsiang His Kung, 1906, LL.D.
Charles Lathrop Pack LL.D.
Arthur Rugh, A.M.
Estelle Hynes Warner, A.M.
William Drake Westervelt, 1871, D.D.


Programs for the Annual, Conservatory of Music, and Graduate School of Theology Commencements; Alumni Association Annual Meeting; and Baccalaureate Service.

Commencement Date



Commencement, Oberlin College, Conservatory of Music, Graduate School of Theology, Alumni Association, Baccalaureate service


Higher Education

Record Group

RG 0, Series 15

Oberlin College Commencement 1926



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