Events from 2022

Effer In Medium Metus: Expressions of Trauma in Seneca's Troades, Emily Hudson

Theses/Dissertations from 2021

The Worst First Citizen, Sarah Nicole Passannante

Theses/Dissertations from 2020

Friends, Barbarians, Future Countrymen: Clientela and Caesar’s De Bello Gallico, J.T. Godfrey

Events from 2019

A Translation of Ideas: An Analysis of Sight-based Metaphor Between Saint Augustine, Plato and the Neo-Platonists, Justin Lorenzo Biggi

Written in the Margins, Katherine Maleckar

Events from 2018

Tombstones as Witnesses: A Cross-cultural Study on the Yangzhou Latin Tombstones, Mengtian Bai

Ancient Textile Production in the Archaeological Record of Karanis, Egypt, Susanna Faas-Bush

The Literature of Pompeii, Rose Rosenthal

Distinguishing Between Romans and Non-Romans in Tacitus' Germania and Agricola, Tara Wells

Events from 2017

Hydrology and Terracing in the Monte Pallano area of Abruzzo, Italy, Lucas Brown

Granary C113 from Karanis: A Case of Misidentification, Shelby Raynor

Events from 2016

Clades Variana: The Literary Shadows of Teutoburg in Tacitus' Annals, Timothy Chung

Don't Look Back: A Retrospective on Orpheus and Eurydice in Augustan Poetry, Emma Sterling

Covering His Asterick: Allusions to Catullus in Martial Epigrams, Book 9, Katharine Stevens

The True Helen: Identity and Characterization in Euripides, Ryan Walton

Events from 2015

The Tomb of Ny-ankh-nesut, William L. Austin

Violence and Nonviolence in the Gospels, Sarah Johnson

Events from 2014

Identity and Commerce along the Maritime Spice Route between Egypt and India, Ryan Reynolds

Spinning Stories: The Narrative Styles of Ovid's Minyeids, Michal Sagal

Events from 2013

Media Coverage of the US HIV/AIDS Epidemic's Blood Bank Controversy, Anna Dardick

Events from 2012

Archaeometric Characterization of Roman Tile Fabrics from the Sangro Valley, Italy, Eli Goldberg