Events from 2022

Incoming : Ethnographic Committee, Emma DeRogatis-Frilingos

Researching Kiribati Objects in the Oberlin College Ethnographic Collection, Phillip Kozenski

Testing the Shepherd Sling, Robyn Nosanchuk

Theses/Dissertations from 2020


The Oberlin Near East Study Collection in Context, Julian Hirsch

On Objects and Voices: The Intersection of Oral History and Archaeology in the Case of Shule Ya Kujitambua, Ella Murray

Events from 2018

Stories of the Material Record, Christian Bolles


Capturing the Past Through Elyria’s Architecture, Walter Campbell

Ancient Textile Production in the Archaeological Record of Karanis, Egypt, Susanna Faas-Bush

Elementary School Students and STEM: Creating an Archaeology Lesson Plan for Get With the Program, Emma Schechter

Events from 2017

Documenting Oberlin's Native Arctic Collection, Alice Blakely and Cori Mazer

Hydrology and Terracing in the Monte Pallano area of Abruzzo, Italy, Lucas Brown

Mapping Mikt’sqaq Angayuk: A GIS Analysis of a Nineteenth-Century Sod House, Maggie Gossiaux

Granary C113 from Karanis: A Case of Misidentification, Shelby Raynor

The Role of Millet in Pre-Roman Italy, Scott Russell

Events from 2016

Viewing the Underground with Ground Penetrating Radar, Ashley Ratigan

Events from 2015

The Tomb of Ny-ankh-nesut, William L. Austin


The Tomb of Ny-ankh-nesut: A Contextualized Study of Looted Fragments, William L. Austin

Gaels, Galls and Friars: The Dominican Order and Ethnic Tension in Ireland, 1224-1536, Sarah Blenko

A Story of Old Bones, Margaret Miller

Slave Life at Madison’s Montpelier: Comparing Field and House Slave Quarters, Laura Weiner

Events from 2013

An Archaeometric Study of Black Gloss Ceramics from Monte Pallano, Abruzzo, Akemi Berry

Theses/Dissertations from 2012


Agricultural Terracing and Landscape History at Monte Pallano, Abruzzo, Italy, James R. Countryman


Archaeometric Characterization of Roman Tile Fabrics from the Sangro Valley, Italy, Aaron Eli Goldberg

Archaeometric Characterization of Roman Tile Fabrics from the Sangro Valley, Italy, Eli Goldberg

Nonactive Verb Morphology in Classical Nahuatl, Miriam Rothenberg

Theses/Dissertations from 2005


Hidden Meanings: A Search for the Historical Worldview in the Oberlin College Ethnographic Collection Organizational Systems, Erin Evangeline Allen