Submissions from 2021

Dating by Cosmogenic Nuclides, Paul R. Bierman, Adrian M. Bender, Andrew J. Christ, Lee B. Corbett, Christopher T. Halsted, Eric W. Portenga, and Amanda C. Henck Schmidt

Phylogeography of a gypsum endemic plant across its entire distribution range in the western Mediterranean, Mario Blanco-Sanchez, Michael J. Moore, Marina Ramos-Munoz, Beatriz Pias, Alfredo Garcia-Fernandez, Maria Prieto, Lidia Plaza, Ignacio Isabel, Adrian Escudero, and Silvia Matesanz

Landslides, hurricanes, and sediment sourcing impact basin-scale erosion estimates in Luquillo, Puerto Rico, Alexandra Grande, Amanda C. Henck Schmidt, Paul R. Bierman, Lee B. Corbett, Carla Lopez-Lloreda, Jane Willenbring, William H. McDowell, and Marc W. Caffee

Living the Gypsum Life: How Geology Can Drive Speculation, Michael J. Moore

Plants are Cool, Too! [video series], Michael J. Moore

Disentangling Sources of Gene Tree Discordance in Phylogenomic Data Sets: Testing Ancient Hybridizations in Amaranthaceae s.l, Diego F. Morales-Briones, Gudrun Kadereit, Delphine T. Tegarikis, Michael J. Moore, Stephen A. Smith, Samuel F. Brockington, Alfonso Timoneda, Won C. Yim, John C. Cushman, and Ya Yang

Surface water quality in the upstream-most megacity of the Yangtze River Basin (Chengdu): 2000-2019 trends, the COVID-19 lockdown effects, and water governance implications, Xue Qiao, Amanda C. Henck Schmidt, Yue Xu, Hongming Zhang, Xiaolan Chen, Rongting Xiang, Ya Tang, and Wei Wang

Anatomical diversity and evolution of the anthocarp in Nyctaginaceae, Alexander P. Sukhorukov, Maya V. Nilova, Michael J. Moore, Riva Bruenn, Noah Last, Elson Felipe Sandoli Rossetto, and Norman A. Douglas

A phylogenomic perspective on gene tree conflict and character evolution in Caprifoliaceae using target enrichment data, with Zabelioideae recognized as a new subfamily, Hong-Xin Wang, Diego F. Morales-Briones, Michael J. Moore, Jun Wen, and Hua-Feng Wang

Plastome evolution and phylogenetic relationships among Malvaceae subfamilies, Jian-Hua Wang, Michael J. Moore, Hongxin Wang, Zhi-Xin Zhu, and Hua-Feng Wang

Phylogenetic patterns suggest frequent multiple origins of secondary metabolites across the seed-plant 'tree of life', Yongzeng Zhang, Tao Deng, Lu Sun, Jacob B. Landis, Michael J. Moore, Hengchang Wang, Yuehua Wang, Xiaojiang Hao, Jijun Chen, Shenghong Li, and Hang Sun

Submissions from 2020

¡Cuba! River Water Chemistry Reveals Rapid Chemical Weathering, the Echo of Uplift, and the Promise of More Sustainable Agriculture, Paul Bierman, Rita Yvelice Sibello Hernández, Amanda C. Henck Schmidt, Héctor Alejandro Cartas Aguila, Yoelvis Bolaños Alvarez, Aniel Guillén Arruebarrena, Mae Kate Campbell, David Dethier, Monica Dix, Marika Massey-Bierman, Alejandro García Moya, Julia Perdrial, and Carlos Alonso-Hernández

Deep History in Western China Reveals How Humans Can Enhance Biodiversity, Jade D'Alpoim Guedes, Stevan Harrell, Keala Hagmann, Amanda C. Henck Schmidt, and Thomas Hinckley

Multiple measures of monsoon-controlled water storage in Asia, Amanda Henck Schmidt, Stefan Lüdtke, and Christoff Andermann

Revitalizing a "Dangling" Ethnographic Collection: Materiality, Arctic Traditional Knowledge, and the Liberal Arts, Kristina Mani and Rosemary Ahtuangaruak

Review: Five Years in America: The Menominee Collection of Antoine Marie Gachet, Amy V. Margaris

’Growing Goodness’: An Alaska Native Collection at Oberlin College, Amy V. Margaris and Rosemary Ahtuangaruak

Molecular and Morphological Evidence Reveals a New Species of Antiphytum (Echiochiloideae, Boraginaceae) from Guerrero, Mexico, Nidia Mendoza-Díaz, Helga Ochoterena, Michael J. Moore, and Hilda Flores-Olvera

Diversity, distribution, development, and evolution of medullary bundles in Nyctaginaceae, Israel L. da Cunha Neto, Marcelo R. Pace, Norman A. Douglas, Michael H. Nee, Cyl Farney C. de Sá, Michael J. Moore, and Veronica Angyalossy

High phylogeographic and genetic diversity of Tidestromia lanuginosa supports full-glacial refugia for arid-adapted plants in southern and central Coahuila, Mexico, Ivonne Sanchez-del Pino, Alejandra Alfaro, Ruben H. Andueza-Noh, Arturo Mora-Olivo, Mariana Chavez-Pesqueira, Ariadna Ibarra-Morales, Michael J. Moore, and Hilda Flores-Olvera

Evolution of l-DOPA 4,5-dioxygenase activity allows for recurrent specialisation to betalain pigmentation in Caryophyllales, Hester Sheehan, Tao Feng, Nathanael Walker-Hale, Samuel Lopez-Nieves, Boas Pucker, Rui Guo, Won C. Yim, Roshani Badgami, Alfonso Timoneda, Lijun Zhao, Helene Tiley, Dario Copetti, Michael J. Sanderson, John C. Cushman, Michael J. Moore, Stephen A. Smith, and Samuel F. Brockington

Genome Sequencing of the Endangered Kingdonia uniflora (Circaeasteraceae, Ranunculales) Reveals Potential Mechanisms of Evolutionary Specialization, Yanxia Sun, Tao Deng, Aidi Zhang, Michael J. Moore, Jacob B. Landis, Nan Lin, Huajie Zhang, Xu Zhang, Jinling Huang, Xiujun Zhang, Hang Sun, and Hengchang Wang

Plastid phylogenomic insights into the evolution of the Caprifoliaceae s.l. (Dipsacales), Hong-Xin Wang, Huan Liu, Michael J. Moore, Sven Landrein, Bing Liu, Zhi-Xin Zhu, and Hua-Feng Wang

Plastome phylogenomic insights into the Sino-Japanese biogeography of Diabelia (Caprifoliaceae), Hong-Xin Wang, Michael J. Moore, Russell L. Barrett, Sven Landrein, Shota Sakaguchi, Masayuki Maki, Jun Wen, and Hua-Feng Wang

Ritual Specialists and the Curse Tablets from Amathous, Cyprus, Andrew T. Wilburn

Submissions from 2019

Human and natural controls on erosion in the Lower Jinsha River, China, Amanda C. Henck Schmidt, Alison R. Denn, Alan J. Hidy, Paul R. Bierman, and Ya Tang

Review: A Tale of Three Villages: Indigenous-colonial Interactions in Southwestern Alaska, 1740-1950, Amy V. Margaris

Building Ritual Agency: Foundations, Floors, Doors, and Walls, Andrew T. Wilburn

Figurines, Images and Representations Used in Ritual Practices, Andrew T. Wilburn

Plastid phylogenomic insights into the evolution of Caryophyllales, Gang Yao, Jian-Jun Jin, Hong-Tao Li, Jun-Bo Yang, Venkata Mandala, Matthew Croley, Rebecca Mostow, Norman A. Douglas, Mark W. Chase, Maarten J.M. Christenhusz, Douglas Soltis, Pamela Soltis, Stephen Smith, Samuel Brockington, Michael Moore, Ting-Shuang Yi, and De-Zhu Li

Submissions from 2018

The Archaeology of Ritual in the Domestic Sphere: Case Studies from Karanis and Pompeii, Andrew Wilburn