Submissions from 2020

“The Place of Solemne Prayer”: Intrasettlement Post-and-Trench Mortuary-Ritual Structures in the Precontact Era of Northern Ohio, Brian G. Redmond and Alyssa Davis Traster

Submissions from 2019


Academic Art Museum and Library Collaborations: Current Practices and Future Directions, Andria Derstine, Alexia Hudson-Ward, Elizabeth Edgar, and Pamela Snyder

Submissions from 2017


Exploring Reciprocity: The Power of Animals in Non-Western Art, Chie Sakakibara, Liliana Milkova, and Sam Tunick

Submissions from 2013

Engagement and skill development in biology students through analysis of art, Liliana Milkova, Colette Crossman, Stephanie Wiles, and Taylor Allen

Submissions from 2012

Crossing the Street Pedagogy: Using College Art Museums to Leverage Significant Learning Across the Campus, Steven S. Volk and Liliana Milkova

Submissions from 2008

Aux Barricades: French Protest Posters from May, 1968, Libby Murphy and Andria Derstine