Submissions from 2011

An Open Letter To My Children, Johnny Coleman

Hyperlocal Identities: Cross-Disciplinary Productions, Johnny Coleman

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks: African American Artists Respond, Johnny Coleman

Full Circle, Mirror Image, Johnny Coleman and Maurice Small

Ruined, Caroline Jackson Smith and Lynn Nottage

Submissions from 2010

In the Tradition: Original Ancestors (For Bettye and Wendell), Johnny Coleman

The Best Location: Still Searching, Johnny Coleman, Dianne McIntyre, and Bernard Matambo

The Price of A Cow, Caroline Jackson Smith

Out of One Glass, Caroline Jackson Smith and Margaret Lynch

From a ‘Success’ Story to a Highly Indebted Poor Country: Ghana and Neoliberal Reforms, Darko Kwabena Opoku

From Quasi-revolutionaries to Capitalist Entrepreneurs: How the PNDC Changed the Face of Ghanaian Entrepreneurship, Darko Kwabena Opoku


The Politics of Government-Business Relations in Ghana, 1982-2008, Darko Kwabena Opoku

Submissions from 2009

Each In Their Own Voice: African-American Artists in Cleveland, 1970-2005, Johnny Coleman

Nine Masters, Johnny Coleman

Review: How to Cook a Tapir: A Memoir of Belize, Meredith Gadsby


Review: Legba’s Crossing: Narratology in the African Atlantic, Meredith Gadsby

‘Doing the Minje Mama’: The Evolution of an African/Afro-Creole Ritual in the British Slave Colony of Berbice, Gordon Gill

Fabulation, Caroline Jackson Smith


Political Dilemmas of Indigenous Capitalist Development in Africa: Ghana under the PNDC, Darko Kwabena Opoku

Review: The Bottom Billion: Why the Poorest Countries are Failing and What Can Be Done About It, Darko Kwabena Opoku

Submissions from 2008


Boycotts, Buses, and Passes: Black Women's Resistance in the U. S. South and South Africa, Pamela E. Brooks

Gwendolyn M. Patton; Idessa Williams Redden, Pamela E. Brooks

The Montgomery Bus Boycott, Pamela E. Brooks

Flying Africans; Salt and the African Diaspora, Meredith Gadsby

Submissions from 2007

In a Silent Way, Johnny Coleman

Songs From My Mother’s Sky, Johnny Coleman

King Hedley II, Caroline Jackson Smith

Sleep Deprivation Chamber, Caroline Jackson Smith

Submissions from 2006

Sucking Salt: Caribbean Women Writers, Migration, and Survival, Meredith Gadsby

Submissions from 2003

'But once they are organised, you can never stop them': 1950s black women in Montgomery and Johannesburg defy men and the state, Pamela E. Brooks

Crossing borders A black feminist approach to researching the comparative histories of black women's resistance in the U.S. South and South Africa, Pamela E. Brooks

Review: Eunuchs and castrati: A cultural history, Pamela E. Brooks


Review: Chewed Water, Meredith Gadsby

Submissions from 2001


Review: "Seasons of Exile and Rebirth": Seasons of Dust, Meredith Gadsby