Submissions from 2020

Role of AIG1 and ADTRP in Endogenous FAHFA Regulation, Meric Erikci Ertunc, Bernard P. Kok, William Parsons, Justin G. Wang, Dan Tan, Cynthia J. Donaldson, Antonio F.M. Pinto, Joan M. Vaughan, Nhi Ngo, Kenneth M. Lum, Cassandra L. Henry, Aundrea R. Coppola, Micah J. Niphakis, Benjamin F. Cravatt, Enrique Saez, and Alan Saghatelian

Submissions from 2019

Bayesian causal inference modeling of attentional effects on the temporal binding window of multisensory integration, Leslie Kwakye, Victoria Fisher, Margaret Jackson, and Oona Jung-Beeman

Submissions from 2018

An Electroencephalography Investigation of the Differential Effects of Visual versus Auditory Attention on Crossmodal Temporal Acuity, Leslie Kwakye, Kathryn Hirabayashi, Zoii Barnes-Scott, and Samantha Papadakis

Submissions from 2016

Free in the Ether: Digital Scores for Music Research, Deborah Campana

Submissions from 2015


Informing the regulation of e-cigarettes to restrict youth access, Grace Kong, Dana A. Cavallo, Meghan E. Morean, Deepa R. Camenga, and Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin


Selection of DNA aptamers for an ovarian cancer cell line using high-throughput sequencing (Abstract POSTER-THER-1429), Rebecca J. Whelan, Arvinder Kapur, Mildred Felder, Jamie A. Shallcross, Jeff Nie, and Manish S. Patankar

Submissions from 2014

Catechol-based coatings inspired by melanin as colorimetric metal-ion sensors, Jason M. Belitsky

Charles M. Hall's patent for refining aluminum metal by electrolysis, Norman C. Craig


Ehs-1 is required for the expulsion step of the Caenorhabditis elegans defecation motor program, Nelson Freeburg and Maureen A. Peters


Calcium signaling and neuropeptide secretion in the expulsion step of the Caenorhabditis elegans defecation motor program, Sam McCright and Maureen A. Peters

Submissions from 2013


The unreasonable ubiquitousness of quasi-polynomials (abstract), Kevin Woods

Submissions from 2011

Melanin Molecular Recognition (abstract), Jason M. Belitsky

Laser Ablation Mapping Of Siderophile Elements In The Late Archaean Reivilo Impact Spherule Layer, South Africa (abstract), Iain McDonald, Bruce M. Simonson, Christian Koeberl, and Wolf Uwe Reimold

Submissions from 2008

Relationship between water quality and genetic diversity in Orconectes sanbornii, O. obscurus, and O. rusticus, Roger H. Laushman, E. Borg, and Angela J. Roles

An analysis of native and non-native woody vegetation and biodiversity in forest plots with different selective logging histories, Christine R. Rollinson and Roger H. Laushman

Submissions from 1937


The Hatching of the Squid, Hope Hibbard

Submissions from 1935

Crytology of the white body of Loligo, Hope Hibbard

Submissions from 1934

Cytology of the nephrostome of Lumbricus, Hope Hibbard

Submissions from 1928

Yolk and fat formation in the egg of Patella vulgata, Hope Hibbard